A fridge for beer lovers

A unique beer fridge designed to store beers the right way.

Temperature zones

Ninkasi is an innovative beer fridge with two independent temperature zones. This allows you to store and age your beer collection properly, and always ready to enjoy.

The History

Ninkasi started with a lot of different beers and the wish for a better way to store them. Ideas became drawings and ended up being, probably, the best beer fridge in the world.

Sliding Wooden Trays

The sliding wooden trays offer the capacity to store up to 184 distinctive beers, and the Ninkasi Guide will let you know exactly what to store where, and at which temperature.

"The drinking temperature of a beer is of huge importance for how it tastes and smells"

Mikkellers Book of Beer — Bjergsø & Pang
Dimensions (H x D x W)
1650 mm X 690 mm X 590 mm
Temperature Zones
2 Zones
(5-22 °C in each Zone)
Wooden Trays
Beechwood / Aluminium
Lock & Key
83 kg
Energy Class
Glass Door
Double Layers Tempered Glass Door
CE / CB / RoHS

One-of-a-kind Beer Fridge with four uniquely designed
slidable wooden trays and two independent temperature zones.

2 - 4 days
2 years